Panagiotis Panousos

Energy Transition Manager

Panagiotis is responsible for the energy transition of DESFA, the Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator, towards renewable and low carbon gases, in line with the EU decarbonisation targets. He is currently leading the company’s projects for the introduction of renewable gases in the transportation system and the development of the hydrogen backbone in Greece. He is a member of the national committee for the development of the hydrogen strategy.

He has 27 years’ experience in the gas sector, actively involved in all first steps of gas introduction to Greece, and the daily operation of the transmission system. He has spent 5 years in Brussels, working as a business area manager for ENTSOG, responsible for the coordination of the technical activities with its members, the EC, ACER and gas market participants. He had the overall responsibility for the development of the Interoperability and Data Exchange Network Code, and the Transparency Platform for the gas transmission system operators. He has also worked as ICT manager for DESFA. Panagiotis has studied Chemical Engineering (MSc) and has a MSc in Total Quality Management.