Mohammed Azouagh

Manager Tax, Incentives and Sustainability

Mohammed is a manager in the Dutch EU&R practice of PwC with more than 7 years of experience on green taxes and incentives. He mainly focuses on sustainability and decarbonization projects in the field of renewable energy (solar and wind), hydrogen production and transportation (e.g. LOHC), CC(U)S, energy efficiency and low carbon heat. Mohammed is an expert on a number of NL and EU subsidy programs (e.g. SDE++, DEI+, VEKI, CEF Energy and EU ETS Innovation Fund) as well as on the green taxes (e.g. Dutch CO2-levy, EU ETS, CBAM). Mohammed has a.o. practical experience with subsidy applications, providing input on business case modelling from both a green taxes and incentives perspective and the setting up of optimal (joint) venture structure for sustainability projects.