Matthias Edel

Secretary General

Since March 2021 Matthias Edel is Secretary General of the European Renewable Gas Registry. A non for-profit organisation that aims to provide a forum for the collaboration of renewable gas registries and market participants in Europe to facilitate the cross-border transfer of renewable gas certificates. In 2019, Matthias Edel founded the consultancy firm Erneuergas, developing business models and strategies, scenarios and market analysis as well as concepts for the documentation of renewable gases.

From 2011 to 2019, he worked for the German Energy Agency (dena). As team Leader Bioenergy, he was responsible for all bioenergy activities, leading national and international projects, campaigns and initiatives in the renewable energy sector. He was coordinator of the “biogaspartner” platform, an international campaign bringing together market actors and policy makers focusing on biogas grid feed-in. Also, he was project director of the Biogasregister Deutschland, a registry for the issuance and documentation of renewable gas certificates.