Madadh MacLaine

Secretary General
Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association

Madadh MacLaine is the Founder and Secretary-General of the Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association (ZESTAs), CEO of Zero Emissions Maritime Technology Ltd (ZEM-Tech), and co-founder of the International Windships Association (IWSA). She has a background in hydrogen water electrolysis and maritime systems, having represented ITM Power, plc, in the maritime industry and in sustainable development as the founder of the NGO, Fair Winds Trust.

Madadh has been working in zero-emissions shipping since she began designs for a ZE multi-access cargo ship in 2000. Frustrated by the lack of available technology, she set off on a course to bring ZE Ship Technology to the market and founded ZESTAs to promote the interests of the Zero Emissions Ship Technology Industry in 2019. The goals of ZESTAs are to support ZE Technology development, represent its interests in the international shipping industry and regulatory bodies, and ensure a level playing field for Zero Emissions Ship Technologies, as well as shipowners, who are coming under increasing pressure to decarbonize their fleets.