Hans Dieter Hermes

Vice President of Clean Hydrogen

Hans is the Vice President of Clean Hydrogen at Worley and has extensive record in international business development in renewable energy: solar, wind, hydrogen. He has steered projects to grow an international hydrogen portfolio including using electricity from offshore wind for hydrogen supply to bus fleets. As an advisor for green hydrogen-based supply, he has analyzed the strategic importance of sustainable synthetic fuels for the MENA-Fuels Project. He was also a co-author of the publication “How to make Green Hydrogen economic?” (Hermes, Witte et. al.).

Hans has a PhD in energy economics (Dr.-Ing.), MSc (Dipl.-Ing.) in mechanical engineering, and he is German with fluent business English, French and Spanish. His experience in energy economics included the successful restructuring and turnaround of two energy and water companies. While with Vattenfall, Hans was head of the Carbon Fund, financing renewable energy projects in Asia, East Europe, and Latin America for climate mitigation, renewable energy projects and biomass. Throughout his career, he has worked on governance policies and decision frameworks for renewable projects.