Fleur Gräper

Regional Minster
The Province of Groningen

Fleur Gräper - van Koolwijk is a Dutch politician and a member of the Social Liberal Party D66. On behalf of that party she has been a member of the Groningen Provincial Executive since 29 April 2015. As a provincial deputy her portfolio includes, among other things, task areas such as Mobility and Europe. Moreover, on behalf of the mobility committee of the IPO, she represents the provinces within the framework of the national climate agreement on all mobility issues. Fleur is Chairwoman of the IPO (Interprovincial Consultative Body) and also Chairwoman of the OV Bureau (Public Transport Bureau) for the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe.

The Province of Groningen is one of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands. With a population of approximately 580.000 inhabitants Groningen is a medium-sized province. The province is characterised by a relatively big, young and dynamical provincial capital and its relatively thinly populated hinterland. Over the last years, the Province of Groningen has made large steps with regard to chain mobility and sustainability of public transport. The new public bus transport concession provides a CO2 reduction of more than 90%. In addition, both the city of Groningen and the Province of Groningen have implemented an active bicycle policy.